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Anxiety Disorder and Panic Attacks

Instead of fears, we want to experience inner peace, serenity and stability.

Fear is part of the basic inventory of human emotions. Fear is not an „external“, but an „inner“ reality, namely the expectation of any kind of pain. It is something self-made, the result of one’s own thinking and imagination. Often the cause of anxiety is a trauma or expresses itself as a phobia.

Symptoms of an anxiety disorder

In addition to the feeling of fear, anxiety disorders include complaints such as constant nervousness, trembling, muscle tension, sweating, drowsiness, palpitations, dizziness or upper abdominal complaints and even panic attacks.

Fear serves a biological purpose in warning us of a real danger. Fear has the task to protect us from threats.

However, most of the negative expectations (worries / fears) with which we humans struggle on a daily basis do not relate to actual dangers. It’s mostly about virtual scenarios that we have created in our heads. The creation of these realities is often supported by the media. Some even speak of a real fear industry. The expected pain or disasters have not yet arrived, and there are no realistic outward signs for them. But our fear makes us experience reality as if the worst has already arrived or is imminent.

Often enough there are depressing thoughts that cause the fear, such as: „I do not deserve that I’m so lucky. The disaster must come sometime.“
If I manage to fool myself by all this and make myself feel really bad, then I might as well pretend something that makes me feel wonderful.

Sometimes, however, the fears are hidden so deep that you can no longer solve them by changing your thinking. It is then, so to speak, „crawled into the body“. Many patients who have been suffering from an anxiety disorder for an extended period of time and have experienced healing know this phenomenon: The feeling of fear is gone, but the body still shows the old symptoms: Chronic tension, pressure in the chest, dizziness, nausea. The fear is not gone then, it just shows itself in a different way.

Treatment of Fears

I treat fears and anxiety disorders primarily with hypnotherapy and solution-oriented short-term therapy, supported by herbal medications, if appropriate.
As a result, existing anxiety patterns are relearned or they become so unimportant that they no longer cause any symptoms. This often includes attenuating the meaning of causal experiences (traumas) and strengthening the trust in life again.

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